Board Meeting

Special Education Parent Advisory Council Meeting (SEPAC) Representing: Pelham Elementary, Amherst Elementary, and Amherst Regional Schools (PAARS) as well as students out of district. Date: 5/13/16, Friday 9:00 am-10:30 am Location: Pelham Community Room, Directions: Take a right at the police station before the school and then your first left. Parking is in back.

Time: 9:00am-10:30am Board Meeting

Meeting is open to all in the community! General Meeting Agenda:

  1. Public Comment
  2. Update on Middle School Math from principal
  3. Update from High School meeting regarding Math
  4. Update from Dr. Brady
  5. Update plans for SEPAC Recognition Program, June 2nd
  6. Review Poster/Lawn sign campaign complete to share with DILT
  7. Request to meet with Superintendent to review year
  8. Ask to be put on June 28th SC agenda for yearend recap and some goals next year
  9. Schedule General Meeting for SC presentation
  10. Discuss bylaws
  11. Update board on outstanding items from meeting on 5/3
  12. Review possible workshops for next year
  13. Adjourn




John E. Robison @ Odyssey Books 5/4/16

Odyssey Books in South Hadley will be welcoming John Elder Robison, best selling author of “Look Me in the Eye” and nationally recognized advocate for people with autism for a reading and book discussion. John’s newest book “Switched On” is a follow up memoir, which chronicles his transformative experience participating in a Harvard research study on the effects of TMS (transcranial magnetic stimulation) and autism.

This event will take place on Wednesday, May 4th at 7pm.