Upcoming Workshops

Please consider attending any of these up coming free workshops!

Meet and Greet

Monday October 17th 5:30pm-6:30pm at Wildwood Elementary School

Come meet Dr. Faye Brady, Director of Student Services, JoAnn Smith, Special Education Administrator, Jennifer McIntire, Special Education Teacher and Special Education Parent Advisory Council. It’s an informal meeting to connect with other families!

Basic Rights in Special Education

Monday October 24th  5:30pm-7:30pm at Wildwood Elementary School

The Basic Rights workshop provides families with an introduction to their rights and responsibilities under:

  • Individuals with Disabilities Education Act (IDEA)
  • Massachusetts Special Education Law

This workshop is designed to help parents learn to be effective partners with their child’s school to decide their child’s eligibility for special education, and to plan, make decisions and monitor their child’s progress in school.

Supporting Teens with Executive Functioning Challenges

Monday November, 14th 5:30pm-7:00pm at Amherst Regional High School

Presented by:

Raloon Bialek, ARHS Special Education Teacher and Denise Green, ARHS School Psychologist

Does your child struggle to keep track of and complete assignments?  Are needed materials often lost or left at school?  Is homework completed, only to be lost before your child can turn it in?  These are all challenges associated with executive functioning challenges.  Come learn about the brain-based source of these challenges, as well as interventions and strategies that can help students plan and organize their academic work. There will be a presentation along with an opportunity to ask questions!

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