ARPS Special Education Parent Advisory Council Meeting (SEPAC)

ARPS Special Education Parent Advisory Council Meeting (SEPAC)
Representing: Pelham Elementary, Amherst Elementary, and Amherst Regional Schools  as well as students out of district.
Date:  5/12/17, Friday
Location:  Amherst Regional Middle School, Superintendent Conference Room

Time: 9:00am -10:30am
Meeting is open to all in the community!
Executive Board Meeting Agenda:

  1. Public Comment
  2. Approve minutes from 3/3/17 and 4/7/17
  3. Updates from Dr. Brady
  4. Discuss elections for SEPAC Board
  5. Update on math working group
  6. Update on webpage
  7. Update recognition program
  8. Transportation
  9. Update about Survey—discuss community outreach
  10. Paraprofessional Training
  11. Discuss transportation
  12. Establish timeline for recognition program
  13. Other